Man with a vision

Live a life that reflects the maker

The verse that i like the most: Romans 16:19



I wanna live like  the way john the baptist say John:3:30

"He must increase, but I must decrease."



         Its wonderful to experience the joy of salvation every moment, i thought its way beyond r imagination,but its not so,if u give ur time(1hr )to GOD in the morning u`ll get strength which  gives a JOY and keep driving u till de last minute of the day.,.i experienced it nd i`m thrilled every moment.,.,.

Feeling like JESUS is walking with me.,.,


Professional career

Finally landed in CSI college of engineering ooty.., enjoying life


Beauty of this world 

           if ur really good ..., no good things happen ..., if ur vice versa things will be VV

Satans trick.....


KETTI disaster December 2009:

 Landslide as took more than 40 people.,., pray for the comfort of people ..........,

still now (dec1) therz no road between coonor and ooty ..., so v people are suffering to go any wr




It  has become a part of my life.....,

              Initially music was boring to me.., wen my DAD wanted me to learn violin @ 7+ i hated that ..,but due to the surroundings and the church some how i got interest and started with violin @ 16

              But didn`t learned properly ...,but i know a bit of guitar coz v had it in home(my brothers) i know to strum but not to key in

              even then i play..., then i started keyboard .., first 4 clases made me bored at that time i reached my Engineering school .. after seeing MR.ARun got interested to play guitar.., learned to tune that...

After my engg completion purely by prayer started learning guitar by my self(not my guitar my friendz ---moses)

within 4 months learned to strum and to keyin all chords and i performed in our xmas program..(within 2 months of start)..,

     my brother Richard (not alive hez martyrd) and me both of us used to practise till morning 4 from 11 o clock

And now i find my self comforable in playing guitar for occasions and progs


Musicians and songs that i admired the most

AMy grant till my 10 yrs

Evie, Michael w smith,glenn cambell,

after my schooling Petra, Ray boltz, Carman..., Point of grace

After my BE grad Petra,Michael smith,Don moen

Rebecca st James


Petra , Freddys songs...,Sonic flood, Isaac joe,Matt redman, Chris tomlin...,Hill songs ,Celtic women, Keith green and Stones


Blus grass country gospel

Paul baloche



Xmas prog

Last 18th dec 09 csice hosted a xmas program ...,

 Was nice to work on, we sung almost 9 songs ...,i enjoy working with this particular choir members..,few students helpd me out in music (marslin nd sarath xtraordinary workers... prince , praveen nd john did their part well)

and in de management side few staffs helped us

we finishd our note in a right way

i feel i didn`t give my best.., would have workd more den this...

lets c if god willing next yr ill rock for god 




some thing oriented to imagination with biological sensor to capture wat u think

Every sense will be 1 way r other oriented with nerves .., so sensing the nerves can give an output..,

using that u can very well sense wat the person things



can be used as an biological mobile phones, detectives in inquiry,patients current details,

do pray for that illl be publishing the details very soon



BEYOND BELIEF(READ AND C .., song from petra)

Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Hebrews 6:1a, Romans 1:17, Philippians 1:6

We're content to pitch our tent, When the glory's evident
Seldom do we know the glory came and went ,

Moving can seem dangerous, In this stranger's pilgrimage
Knowing that you can't stand still, you cross the bridge

There's a higher place to go, beyond belief, beyond belief
Where we reach the next plateau, beyond belief, beyond belief
And from faith to faith we grow ,Towards the center of the flow
Where He beckons us to go, beyond belief, beyond belief

Leap of faith without a net ,Makes us want to hedge our bet
Waters never part until our feet get wet
There's a deeper place to go,Where the road seems hard to hoe
He who has begun this work won't let it go

And it takes so long to see the change
But we look around and it seems so strange
We have come so far but the journey's long
And we once were weak but now we're strong  

Come out and see

As humans we lack in 1 thing .., we make decisions based on wat others say..,

we wont see the reality .., some thing has blinded our eyes....,

In samsons lyf he could not look at gods plan, when his heart turned towards females..

David could not go to war, cause of bethseba...

Jonah could not see gods plan for the people, instead he was waiting for the destruction

People praying for peters lyf couldn`t open the door ...wen peter was waiting @ de door


Who know gods plan

The one who awaits in his presence..

await ,come out of the blindness

strech out your hands towards the sky .., come out and see...World is waiting for you



    Lyf has given me a lot of experience... still i`m learning a lot in my lyf....

    Trusting a person is not bad .. but its gud not to trust anyone(very closly)...

ive been cornerd by people many a time..,nd gone thru pain most of the times....but still i see JESUS is there to care for me..., the greatest mistake dat i did was wavering  away from gods plan in my lyf.. doing my masters..

lukn for the winter in lyf.., so dat no 1 c i`m crying..,

Jesus i trust in you

with these words i hav started writing a song ...COME OUT AND SEE....WORLD IS WAITING FOR U... 


Teaches how to pray

     Most of the times when we pray in a meeting or in a cell group we want our words to attract people.,. have you ever thought ur pleasing god in it.,., i could say no.,

      It says in Bible whenever we pray we need to pray in spirit.These days whenever i pray i see myself hidden in that., i want my heart to make sure to release words in spirit., and it has been a blessing to me.,.


  And  give a try, Include others burden in your prayer so that you get a additional blessing from god.

Christmas prog-2012

  To be frank to u my frnds i din want to put my nose into dis choir,i wanna stay back dis tym,but i went for a practice session wr i askd a guy to give a tenor note ,he gave a 5th octave note,got confused nd entered into the practice.,.It was nice working with these people (1st yrs alone) dey had wonderful voices,

19th december was r prog but v started r practice on nov 15th if i`m not wrong,things went on well.,.,Sam sir,jeba sir nd me wr on the front side,vijai was n drums,silamboli was helping us n carrying tea,prince was plyn keyboard for few songs,simon nd v had a special with r guest- sound engineer nd his daughter -c played violin.

Before the event (on saturday 15th) we went to deaf nd dumb school to play nd interact with dem nd we went to aisha-mentally retarded home to give dem a dinner.,., .Everyday v had a worship nd a short message session before de practise.,.during feed back session i heard few testimonies on dat.,let god bless dem nd work in dem.

On 18th i had an idea to work on violin coz v had 2 violins before us.,.within 5 mins thought something with prayer nd wrote few notes for NO ROOM nd it came up very well (Trio).,.dats my master piece -2012 

Jeba sir conducted vanavar (Tamil) nd thuli thuli (malayalam),sam sir taught -deck the halls nd infant holy (i was n piano for dose songs) i taught dem- silent night,o come all ye faithful nd feliz navidad ,solos No room,Mary`s boy child, Noel .,.,it was a wonderful tym.,.still wen i see de video i`m not impressed with the performance.well shijo,thiagu ,selvi ka ,Jincy nd cathy wr doin de skit.,it was on open air.,wonderful make up nd stages,still dey need to memorize de script.,der wr delays n dialogues.,finally we ended up very well and on 21st noon we had a get together nd we all shared de whole.,.lot of memorable moments as usual.,i ask god to give me more wisdom to work in Skies


Things i need to look at:


  •  On stage practice is necessary coz dey r getting afraid of de poeple nd stage
  • Timing,ask choir to always luk at de conductor(no smiles)
  • Perfect place nd position for musicians
  • Sound need to checked early,Mics need to placed nd practiced
  • Candles for silent night
  • Conductor shud be der for all practice sessions
  • i need to improve my stage playing.
  • always need a back up for music.,.,Include more music instruments



  Have you evr studided acts the apostles book..i was thrilled to study it coz it has the history of 1st century christians- world changers,extra ordinary humans.. we can think aliens ,coz they were doing wonderful things., When i started meditating the verses ..HOW can it happen and what can be compared to itttttttttt  ??????????

Lot of questions 

  •  When they wr in one accord spirit filled the place, the place shook and tonque of fire (no drums or keyboard its GODS work)
  • 3000 beleivers in a sermon..,lame healed and gospel spread
  • Shadow of peter healing the sick
  • Coming out of prison by angel
  • Cornelius prayer was answered.,spirit filled them as they heard the gospel
  • Stephen saw JESUS
  • Paul conversion
  • Philip taken from gaza by the spirit
  • Herods death
  • Ananiah sapirah death
  • Paul sees GOD twice (Acts:22,23)
  • Pauls prisonment
  • Guts of paul
  •     Lot more happened

My question is "why the same is not experienced in our church..", we have limited our GOD, due to various mythology we pushed GOD to passive state..WHo can know the power of GOD ? who can understand the mind of GOD ,hes searching for people who can understand him and really raise to the need .,when i read my eyes wr opened cried to GOD hear i`m LORD use me..

I really wanna see people going to Govt hospitals to heal the sick in JESUS name and the shadow should heal people when they walk on roads,.

Carried to needy places by the spirit of GOD

 Spirit of GOD pouring without rhythm

No compensation in GODS ministry

Earnest Beleivers ,Shepherds raising in the horizon

poking of sin ,righteousness and judgement by the Holy spirit


I`m praying for it ..,it will happen sooooooooon

Be challeneged by the post